Multi devices music collaboration app design

The project

A music experience app for friends to get together, play music, and make a funky video clip. A great way to have fun, no musical background is necessary.

Showoff is a multi-device app, each player uses an iPad or an iPhone. The session is filmed with a camera and broadcast on TV. The users get together and play in front of the TV, watch themselves as they play, and make a great video clip that they can share and show off on social media. 


Product Design



App Design course  at Shenkar College, 2019.


Shiran Vaish


Tomer Shitrit


Music has always been a great way to connect people.

It is an opportunity to play music together without any musical background, therefore the app should be simple to operate and accessible for everyone. 

The augmented reality filters technology is a large and rapidly growing field of computer vision, we believe it can be used to upgrade the music playing experience.

Understanding the user

This is Adam, he is 15 years old, a high school student from Kfar Sava, Israel. He likes to meet, spend time with his friends and laugh. Adam is very active on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and TikTok. He likes to listen to music and be exposed to new artists. His favorite singer is Pharrell Williams and his favorite band is Foo Fighters.


Spend time with friends

Have fun

Shared experience with friends

Show off his talent



Choose an instrument

Choose a design for the video clip
Play a digital instrument

Collaborate with a group of friends

Give a show


'Pics or it didn't happen'

Instagram culture

Music idols from abroad



Contribute to the group

Belong to the group

Collaboration with friends

Joy and fun

Pain Points



Frustration for lack of success

Lack of harmony

Lack of musical knowledge

Difficulty in cooperating

Fear to let down his friends

The design challenge

Music Instruments

  • Simple and easy to use different kinds of digital musical instruments.

  • Instruments with enough options and diversity to make it interesting.

  • Multi-devices and multi-players collaboration.


Video Clip

  • Design a video clip using augmented reality filters technology.

  • Multiple video clip design options for the user.

  • Clip design control management during playing.

  • Motivate and encourage users to collaborate, interact, play, and perform better. 

The process

Designing digital instruments was not an easy task, the instruments should be both easy to play and diverse. In order to design the instruments we consulted with a musician, who helped us understand music, the different types of instruments and how they work together.

The product - a multi devices app

Connect & get started

To get started each player needs to connect with Bluetooth to the TV, choose an instrument and his personal design for the video clip.

Choosing a personal design for the video clip includes two variables: color and the theme style (for example a unicorn or a skater style).


Play together with different instruments, guitar, drums, synthesizer and more. 

You can upgrade and enrichen your session with these options: adding filters, changing the musical style kit, or using the loop option.

- Sound On -

Play the guitar instrument, change the design style and color preferences while playing.

- Sound On -

Play the drum instrument, use the filters and change the drum style kit.

- Sound On -

Play the synthesizer instrument, and use the loop option.

Video clip

An interactive video clip responds to movement, sound, and user design choices using augmented reality filters technology.

The video clip upgrades the entire experience, it is exciting and funny to watch yourself play, and there is an option to share it online. Each friend influences the video clip by his design choices, and they can be changed easily while playing. 


The interactive video clip encourages the players to upgrade their game and make a dynamic clip.

- Sound On -

Dance And Move

Play A Solo

Make A Connection

The team

In this project, I collaborated with Shiran Vaish.

Working together was fun and inspiring. I believe that team brainstorming is a crucial part of the design thinking process and that good teamwork upgrades the final product. 

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